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Different Types of Wedding Stationery

When planning a wedding, the invitations are often one of the main things that people will think about. They give your guests the first impression of your wedding and can often be something they hold onto as a keepsake for years to come. However, when purchasing their invites it’s not uncommon to forget the other types of wedding stationery that you may need. Buying everything at the same time means you can ensure that the style of everything matches. Below are a few of the things you might want to think about.

RSVP Cards & Envelopes
You will definitely want these to match your invites as you will more than likely send them out to guests at the same time. Providing these will help ensure they RSVP in good time.

Order of Service
Order of service cards or leaflets are sometimes handed to guests before the wedding to give them sort of a timetable of how the ceremony is going to go. In religious weddings these might also include the words to any hymns that may be sung during the ceremony.

Table Plans
While some people may rather just do this on a computer or paper others like to have an attractive table plan that will match their other stationery and that they can keep as a reminder afterwards.

Place Cards
As you imagine these are used to show people where they are expected to sit at your wedding meal or reception. Not only do they serve a practical purpose they will add a bit more to your tables and having them match the other stationery will tie all the parts of your wedding together nicely.

Thank You Cards
Once your big day is over you will have some wonderful memories and probably a lot of gifts. Most people like to send out thank you cards to thank their loved ones for gifts or even for just being a part of the special occasion.

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