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Effective Planning for Wedding Invitation RSVP

Planning a wedding can be stressful and at the point when you are creating the guest list you’ve probably already got lists of caterers, to do lists and even lists of lists. However, the guest list should also be a priority as numbers is something that needs budgeting for. Once you an idea of people who are attending, you will be able to start the seating plans and also know the number of people attending the evening celebrations.

Ensure the wedding invitations are sent out as soon as possible to make sure people can respond in plenty of time. These invitations can either be hand-made and continue the wedding colour scheme within the invites or brought in bulk. Here are a few things to make sure the invitations are sent out quickly and responses are received promptly;

Make sure you know the addresses – In today’s world of the internet and email a postal address is not always listed in your address book. Chances are you’ve emailed more times than using the postal service. However, a wedding invitation through the post is often more appreciated than an email so make sure you know the persons full address and postcode. This is often a cause for delay when writing the invites and not knowing the address, through to sending with an incomplete address and risk the invite getting lost.

Include the right postage – If you are sending out large invitations, check that these are not classed as large letters as these might require more in stamps. The wrong postage will require your guests to pay the extra postage or the letters waiting in a postal room to collect.

Include the RSVP card – This will ensure you will get a response as your guest does not need to go out and buy a wedding acceptance card. They can simply respond with the card that was included with the wedding invitation.

Pay the postage – Once the acceptance has been completed, why not make sure it is sent promptly by including a stamp on the envelope with your address already written. This will make the whole response much easier as all your guests will have to do is respond using the card and then post. They will not even need to buy stamps.

Finally…make sure you include a date to respond by. Some guests might not appreciate the importance of a quick response and the fact you need to know numbers.

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