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Why Use Place Card Holders

Everyone knows that a wedding needs a lot of planning and organising. This is not just because of the money involved but it enables guests to enjoy the day as well as the bride and groom. There are plenty of stages to the day, but one that seems to cause a lot of stress is the ‘day’ celebrations.  A couple need to work through the guest list and get an appropriate number to celebrate at the ‘wedding breakfast’ and also the evening celebrations.

The sooner the wedding invites are sent out the sooner the seating plan can be organised. A lot of couples then opt for place card holders in a similar theme to the seating plan for continuity.

The reason behind the seating plan is for guests to clearly know where they sitting, what table to head towards and then who they will be sitting next to. Once guests are at the correct table then place card holders provide that personal touch and will make sure that the guests know exactly where to sit at the table.

Often, the tradition is to sit individuals alternatively male then female, although this cannot always happen. The level of detail to include in the place settings is up to the couple and almost always down to budgets. Often the place settings can combine with the wedding favour boxes, and the name, or place card holders is on the favours box for example.

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