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Some Unusual Wedding Invitations Ideas

Wedding invitations can range from the traditional and creative 2 fold or 3 fold invitations, through to lace and ribbons with a diamante buckle. Depending on the budget, number of guests and time to create the invitations, a couple could also consider creating unusual wedding invitations.

Often couples look at trying to do ‘something different’ and there is nothing more different than starting the celebrations with an unusual invitation or way to invite your guests to your wedding day. There is a trend towards different ideas that range from invites being printed on tea towels or a musical approach of a CD. The traditional method of paper invitations is still popular and you can create your own unusual wedding invitations this way and make them your own.

Some ideas that have been done involve printing all the details of the day on a tea towel as these can be used or hung up in the home as a decorative piece. Some couples still opt for the card approach but personalise the invites with a picture of the couple on the front or at a place that has a specific interest or significance to them.

The invitations can reflect the couples interests or personalities. One couple who enjoyed traveling had the invites created in the style of a flight ticket and luggage labels. If you have a place where you live or proposed, why not consider utilising this within the wedding invitation cover.

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