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Get The Themed Wedding Look With Place Card Holders

Once the wedding reception venue has been booked the decorations and small detail take on more significance. Why not make your wedding reception even more personal with themed table decorations and place cards with place card holders.

We have already mentioned, in previous posts, how the wedding invitation colours can progress through to the colours used in the bridesmaid’s dresses, flowers and table top decorations. There is also an option to create a themed wedding with interests that are personal to the bride and groom.

Some themes are popular such as a princess fairytale wedding or a Christmas wedding, but if a couple have shared interests this could be utilised on the day, so here are a few suggestions and ways to create that extra touch.

Luck or Chance

If you both like a flutter on the horses, or maybe playing cards and wanted to get married in Las Vegas, then why not bring Las Vegas to the wedding reception instead? The theme of card playing could be carried out with the top table in the form of a ‘blackjack table’. The place card holders could hold a deck of cards with the wedding guest name on and a black hat for the main table number.  You could have dice theme within the wedding favours so that guests will remember the theme.


If the couple are both fans of a particular band, such as the band they first saw together or a band that holds a lot of memories why not incorporate that into the day in more ways than just including their songs to dance to. Why not name the tables after the bands albums? Or if they are recognisable by a guitar or band image, why not use this on the napkins or have the place cards in the design or typography of the band? You could even have a karaoke machine for some light-hearted entertainment.

Location, location, location

If there is a special place that means a lot to the couple this could be used throughout the wedding, depending on budget and location. If you enjoy a tourist area or enjoy climbing mountains why not name the tables after those areas and feature items associated to the area. For example, if you like Mount Snowdon the main table could be called Snowdon table and the place cards could be pictures of sheep, the railway and dragons attached to stylish place card holders. A favourite seaside town could have images of ice-cream, sand or shells all held in place in a glass filled with sand from that beach.

There are lots of different themes that a wedding can be based around and with a little bit of imagination the wedding can become even more personal.

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