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Tying Everything Together

First impressions are very important and since your wedding invitation is the first glimpse of anything to do with your wedding that your guests will have, you need to ensure it is right. By the time you start designing your invites you will most likely have your theme and colour scheme in place. This could be anything from a classic white wedding, a green themed colour scheme to tie in with your outdoor marquee wedding or a unique design that shows off your joint interests.

Different elements of your invite can be tailored to create that great invite that will give guests a taste of what to expect from your big day. If you use a specific colour on the invite then this should continue throughout the theme of your day so venue decorations, dresses and cake decorations should all have colours relating to the invites. If you use a certain style of ribbon you could also continue this use by incorporating it around the cake if you are decorating it yourself or if you have favours on the table you can tie them using the same ribbon. Similarly you can also create invites that feature lace and this would look great added to your table decorations.

If you have received lots of lovely gifts for your wedding and then jetted off on your honeymoon, once you are back it might be a nice gesture to send out thank you cards to all your guests to thank them for the generosity. These can again be tied into the design of your wedding invitations and keep everything a similar style to create a great wedding experience.

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