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Tying Everything Together

First impressions are very important and since your wedding invitation is the first glimpse of anything to do with your wedding that your guests will have, you need to ensure it is right. By the time you start designing your invites you will most likely have your theme and colour scheme in place. This could [...]

Some Unusual Wedding Invitations Ideas

Wedding invitations can range from the traditional and creative 2 fold or 3 fold invitations, through to lace and ribbons with a diamante buckle. Depending on the budget, number of guests and time to create the invitations, a couple could also consider creating unusual wedding invitations. Often couples look at trying to do ‘something different’ [...]

When to Send out Your Wedding Invites

So you’ve gotten engaged and decided on a date for the big day. The choice for your wedding date may be made based on when your venue of choice is available, preferred season for your wedding or a number of other factors. Once it’s decided though it’s time to let other people know. But when [...]

Different Types of Wedding Stationery

When planning a wedding, the invitations are often one of the main things that people will think about. They give your guests the first impression of your wedding and can often be something they hold onto as a keepsake for years to come. However, when purchasing their invites it’s not uncommon to forget the other [...]

Choosing the Right Wording for Your Wedding Invites

When creating your wedding invites, some people may just focus on the colour and appearance and not give much thought to the actual wording of the invite. The words you use to invite your family and friends to your wedding are just as important as the design of the card itself. For example, did you [...]