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Angel Orchid Assembly Instructions

  1. Add double sided tape all around the sides of the insert and stick the insert to the larger piece of kraft card. Do this by positioning the top, left and right margins and once you're happy that they're equal, press down.
  2. Trim a piece of mayarts lace to 28cm and wrap around the centre of the card securing with double sided tape along one edge on the reverse of the card. Trimming off any overlap. Be careful not to stick to the card, thus creating a belly band effect.
  3. Trim a piece of burlap twine to 75cm and wrap around the centre of the card twice, securing with a loose knot on the front of the card in the centre. Do not trim the ends just yet.
  4. Now take the orchid and slot it through the centre of the knot.
  5. Pull the knot tight and trim off any excess twine and tweak so that both the twine and orchid sit neatly.
  6. If you have chosen additional info and rsvp with envelope, layer these up and slot into place behind the belly band.

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