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Delicate Rustic Lace Instructions

  1. Start by making the pocket. Place the pre cut and scored pocket with the bumbs of the scores facing you. Add a length of double sided tape (we sell this in the online craft shop) to each of the flaps, then fold the side of the card over and press down. 
  2. Cut the lace to 35cm.

  3. Add a piece of double sided tape at the left hand side of the reverse of the pocket half way up. Attach one end of the lace onto it. Add another piece of sticky tape on top of the lace you've just secured, wrap the lace around the pocket and secure. Trim off the excess.
  4. Cut a piece of 3mm ribbon to 1 metre.

  5. Hold the card and approx 30cm of the ribbon in your left hand, about half way down on the side.  With your right hand wrap the ribbon around the card, one and half times, then bring your left hand to meet the twine in the middle, thread the tag onto the ribbon and then tie a bow. To view a great demo of how to tie the perfect bow go here 
  6. Place your printed insert inside the pocket.

    Tip: Don't try to make one complete invitation at a time. Cut all the lace and ribbon and do the step for all cards before moving onto the next step
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