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Elegant Two Petal Wrap & Violet

1. Start by adding double sided tape to all four sides on the reverse of the insert.  Carefully fix this in place, to the centre of the open petal wrap 

2. Fold the two petal sides into the middle so they meet.  Fix the smooth Velcro dot on the right hand side of the closed petal, as close to the edge as possible

3. Take the violet embellishment & turn this over. Fix the rough side of the Velcro dot approximately 1cm from the left hand edge

4. Fix one of the small double sided tabs next to the Velcro dot in a portrait position, ensuring these cannot be seen when the embellishment is turned the correct way.  You may need to overlap the Velcro dot slightly.  Take off the paper cover of the double sided tabs so they are ready to be fixed to the front of the invitation

5. The embellishment will then need be fixed to the front of the petal wrap by positioning the Velcro dots together.  Close this & the sticky tab will fix to the left hand petal & keep the petal wrap closed. Press down to secure


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