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Embroidered Lace Gatefold Assembly

Step 1: On the inside of the gatefold, so the bumps of the scored folds are facing you, add approx 2cm of double sided tape on the inside of the left hand score about half way down. Repeat this so it's also on the right hand side. Your tape should be within the square part of the card.

Step 2: Cut the lace to a length of 50cm.  Place the one end of the lace onto the glue and tightly wrap around the back of the card and place the other end onto the other piece of the glue, trim off any excess lace. It's important that it's pulled tight to keep it from creasing when folded.

Step 3: Add double sided tape around all sides of the back of the printed insert and place on the inside square of the gatefold.

Step 4: Cut the ribbon to 75cm. Wrap around the centre of the card and tie in a bow at the front. To view a great demo of how to tie the perfect  bow, go here


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