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Vintage Lace Flat Front Pocketfold

1. Start by adding double sided tape onto the 2 flaps of the pocket fold and create the pocket. 

2. Trim your lace and ribbon to 20cm

3. Add some double sided tape to the side edges on the inside of the pocketfold .

4. Fix the lace to one side of the tape on the inside of the pocket folds, take this around the front & then fix the other end in position.

5.  Add some more double sided tape over the lace & repeat this process to add the ribbon

6. Add double sided tape to all four sides on the reverse of the insert & then carefully fix this on the inside of the pocketfold, making sure that the ends of the lace and ribbon are covered.


7. Finally add the sticky tab to your embellishment & place in position on the ribbon

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