On The Day Wedding Stationery: A Guide

Our guide to all the different on the day wedding stationery to consider – what it is, what it’s used for and do you need it!

As well as wedding invitations and save the date cards Pure Invitation can help you with your on the day wedding stationery. We offer everything you need from place name cards to order of service to table markers.

We also offer thank-you cards so you can send your gratitude in keeping with your wedding theme.

Some couples get a bit confused as to what they should have on the day and whilst there are standard items, as always, our advice is it’s your wedding so your rules!

To help you decide what you would like for your big day here’s our easy guide to wedding stationery.


Order of the Day

An Order of the Day is a timeline of what is happening on your day so your guests are kept well informed and know where they need to be at crucial times! You don’t want anyone to miss the key events like the cutting of the cake or the first dance but you also don’t want them to feel like they’re tied to their chairs in the fear of not being present for an important part of the day.

If you have finalised the details of your day well in advance you can include an Order of the Day with your invitations ensuring your guests are well informed before the day, or you can give them on the day placing them on your guests chairs for an intimate, personal touch or display a few on tables for people to see.

Most people include the following in an Order of the Day:

  • Ceremony
  • Wedding Breakfast
  • Speeches & Toasts
  • Cutting the Cake
  • The First Dance
  • Evening Buffet
  • Time to Say Goodnight

But as with everything when it comes to your wedding you can include whatever you want to, and what is important for your guests. Take a look at all of our order of the day designs here.

TOP TIP! Don’t be too specific with your timings – weddings have a tendency to run a bit behind!

Order of Service

An order of service is a booklet that includes all the details of your wedding ceremony, acting as a guide for your guests so they know what is happening and when. It can be a simple or as detailed as you want it to be, for example you might want to only include a line or two for each stage of the ceremony or you might want to personalise it a bit more by adding the names of the participants, or some fun facts about you as a couple.

Some couples add the lyrics of their chosen hymns (or songs) so everything the guest needs is in the one place, and if there are readings you might want to include the words. Browse all of our designs here.

TOP TIP! Before approving anything with your stationer ensure you have checked the running order of the ceremony with your officiant i.e. registrar, vicar, priest etc. as they need to be happy with everything – you don’t want to have to reprint!

Table Names / Numbers

These are important to consider, especially if you’re having a big wedding as they help guests to find their table and seats.

All of our table markers can be printed with numbers or personalised with names – maybe you want to use your favourite places for your tables, or bands, films, songs…the list is endless! Choose your favourite design and then customise to suit your colour theme. Take a look here.

TOP TIP! Make sure what you choose for the cards can be printed large enough for your guests to see from a distance.

Place Cards

If you’re having a formal wedding breakfast place cards are a lovely finishing touch to the overall look of your tables, whilst also being highly practical letting your guests know where they’re sitting! If using caterers they’re also helpful to them in identifying dietary requirements amongst your guests.

TOP TIP! Order a few blank cards that can be utilised for any last minute guest changes…

Table / Seating Plans

A table plan is usually displayed at the entrance of the reception area, showing guests the layout of the tables and listing their names so they know where to head. The tables are usually labelled with numbers, letters or names that correspond with each guest’s place cards.

At Pure Invitation we can print the individual cards to display on your table plan – we’ve seen so many stunning plans using mirrors, wooden crates and even trees! Browse all the designs here.

Wedding Menus

Wedding menus let guests know what delicious food they’ll be eating, and are a lovely finishing touch to a well thought out table. If you included a menu card in your invitation you might question if you need to have them on the day as well, but if your invitations were sent out well in advance of the date most guests will have forgotten what they chose!

Thank You Cards

Thank you cards are sent to your guests shortly after the wedding, thanking them for their gift and for attending your wedding. If you can try to personalise the card to include the gift giver’s name, what they bought, and a heartfelt note of appreciation. Take a look at our cards here.

TOP TIP! Think about thank you cards for other key events in the run up to the wedding, for example did someone go above and beyond for your hen do?