Bridal Hairstyle Advice

If you’re anything like me, you change your mind about the finer details of your wedding often.

Particularly when it came to my hair.

I spent a fortune on hair magazines – and started growing my hair immediately (this was 13 years ago, so hair extensions weren’t as readily available then). Thank goodness for progress… and the internet. I’d always imagined I’d have some sort of up-do for my wedding day, but I didn’t know how, or where to start. So I’ve put together a few tips for you, to get you started – and a gallery of ideas to give you inspiration!

1. Try to plan your wedding theme, hairstyle, make-up and dress in plenty of time. You’ll want to make sure each element works well with the others – finding out at the last minute that your hair conflicts with your dress would be tiresome, and could be an expensive disappointment.

2. Choose your hairstyle before you choose your head-dress or veil – then ask your hairdresser for advice. Make sure you bring your headgear with you for your first consultation and for each trial.

3. Plan ahead: if your hair is coloured or treated, have it done at least a month before your wedding day. The extra time will soften your style a little so it looks more natural. And, if disaster strikes, you’ll have plenty of time to fix it.

4. On the day of your hair trial, bring anything you think will help your stylist understand what you’re after. I’d recommend taking a photograph of your dress – with you in it if possible. And, of course, your headgear – and any photographs of hairdos you’ve seen and loved.

5. Stay true to yourself and be realistic. Try to find pictures that don’t stray too far from your natural look and style. If you never wear your hair up, is your wedding day really the time for a sleek up-do? Will your new husband recognise you if you look completely different? I had some good advice: go with a look you’re comfortable with, then glam it up a few notches for your wedding day.

6. Be open-minded: your hair trial is a great opportunity to try your wedding hair on for size. If your hairdresser suggests something you hadn’t thought of, don’t feel pressured – but don’t be put off trying something either. You might be surprised.

Now you’ve got a few advance ideas, have a browse through my hair gallery. If you’ve short hair, long hair, or somewhere in between, you’re after modern, or vintage, you’re sure to find inspiration here. There are more than 150 styles…

Carol Vincent of Pure Invitation

About the Author

Carol Vincent has been passionate about weddings ever since founding Pure Invitation in 2004. Having meticulously planned her own wedding and with more than 15 years of experience in the wedding industry, Carol knows the challenges of planning the wedding of your dreams!