Tips for Choosing your Wedding Cake

Cutting the cake is one of the main events of your wedding day – all eyes are on you!

The traditions surrounding the wedding cake are many and varied, and cutting the cake is full of symbolism. Originally, the bride would cut the cake on her own and distribute slices among the guests. It was thought to ensure fertility. As weddings grew and the number of guests increased, the cutting of the wedding cake became a joint venture, and the groom started to help out.

Cutting the cake symbolises your new union with your husband – and your promise to provide for each other forever. Or, it’s just a good photo op 🙂

Have you decided on your cake yet? If not, here are a few tips for you…

When you’re looking for your cake designer, show them a couple of pictures of ones you like – but be honest about your budget. They’ll tell you if what you like is achievable within your budget – and if it’s not, how you can reduce the cost and still get the look you want.

Your cake size will depend on the number of guests you have, or portions you want. But even if you have a small wedding, you can still have dummy tiers on your cake… although it might look a little odd to have a six tier cake for just 50 guests!

Don’t forget to announce when you’re going to cut the cake on the day – your photographer, and all your family and friends, will want to capture the moment.

Traditionally, you cut the cake after the main course and before dessert. The bride’s hand goes on the knife and the groom’s right hand is on top of hers – symbolic of your new life together.

If you’re still thinking about what type of cake you’d like, the options are almost limitless! You can go for simple and traditional, intricate and impressive, or wildly different…

And it’s not all about fruit cake these days: you can cater for different tastes with different tiers, opt for cupcakes, or even choose an amazing cheese cake.

I’ve put together a whole mixing bowl of cake designs for you to browse – just click here, and set your imagination on fire and your taste buds roaring.

Carol Vincent of Pure Invitation

About the Author

Carol Vincent has been passionate about weddings ever since founding Pure Invitation in 2004. Having meticulously planned her own wedding and with more than 15 years of experience in the wedding industry, Carol knows the challenges of planning the wedding of your dreams!