Mental Health

Don’t neglect me-time
Don’t forget to stop and breathe in amongst all the planning. Organising a wedding on top of your normal day to day busy lives can very easily become overwhelming so prioritize your R&R time just as much as planning time. Netflix marathons, retail therapy, reading trashy magazines…whatever it is that helps you relax and wind down DO IT!

Perfection is overrated
Of course, you want every little detail of your big day to be immaculate, from the decor to your speeches, but know and accept from the off you will hit some hiccups along the way. Social media is everyone’s friend when it comes to planning a wedding but don’t go down the comparison road with other people’s celebrations. Remember what is posted on Insta is just a snapshot of a moment – even Kate and William’s iconic wedding would have had some mishaps off camera!

Ask for help!
To make even a micro-wedding happen takes a lot of work! Don’t be ashamed to ask for help – your friends and family will be eager to help, especially if they have noticed you’re a little stressed. Find small tasks that don’t require your eagle eye or discerning palate for them to do. They’ll feel helpful and your ‘to do’ list is more manageable – it’s a win win!

It’s called a comfort zone for a reason
Remember your wedding should be about you and your partner – a celebration of what you enjoy and who you are surrounded by the people you love. Whilst expanding your horizons and trying something different is a good thing in a lot of circumstances sometimes sticking to your comfort zone, particularly on a day as important as your wedding day, is the right call. For example, if you’ve been trying a ton of new, fancy catering options, but don’t love any of it and are getting overwhelmed, forget about the caviar and escargot and serve food you love. Is pizza your favourite food? Did you have pizza on your first date? Then totally incorporate it into your day. Honestly, if you love it, your guests will love it, too.

One day at a time
Most couples will have a good amount of time between popping the question to the big day – use it! Don’t dive in headfirst and try to get everything done all at once, just take it one day at a time. If you’re a list person wedding planning is list heaven for you! Create as many lists as you want to covering all the different elements and tick them off one by one. Slowly but surely and still so satisfyingly.

Switch off social
We’re all guilty of scrolling through our social-media feeds for far longer than we care to admit, and when you’re planning your wedding this can increase even more. As we pointed out earlier social media is a great platform to find suppliers and search for inspiration but it can also create unnecessary pressure and set unrealistic expectations. Switch off from all electronic devices and social media, especially bridal platforms, for at least 30 minutes a day. Give yourself a cut off point in the evening when your phone is switched off and leave it downstairs so you’re not tempted to scroll whilst in bed.